The Sports Dump: 9/11/12

In remembrance of 9/11 today is a day of giving.  Give blood, give time, buy a sub from Subway and give it to the homeless person on your way to work.  Just give.

Wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawyer suffered a heart attack or a stroke during the live telecast of WWE Raw last night.  Get well King.

Andy Murray finally got his tennis major.  The UK’s first since the 30’s.

After watching the Ravens dominate the Bengals last night, I think the 49ers have some company atop the NFL Power Rankings.

Does the NCAA have the guts to punish Duke and UNC?  Sonny Vaccaro doesn’t think so.

Billy Gillespie is hiding.  He thinks that if he hides until the start of basketball season Texas Tech won’t fire him.

What is the NFL Network doing giving us the “The Faces of Tebow: A Football Life”?  Isn’t it ESPN’s job to give us endless Tebow garbage?

Are you ready for the new Tebowing?  It’s called Griffining.






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