The Morning Dump: 9/12/12

It’s a Mickey and the Motorcars kind of morning.

Get ready to buy “Jerry Wipes”, to clean you glasses Cowboy fans.  Redskins’ fans are buying them to wipe something else.

Big 1-0 win over Jamaica for the U.S. in their World Cup qualifier.

Jaime Kuntz said he was kicked off the North Dakota State football for being gay, the school says it was for lying.  The 18-year-old Kuntz was seen kissing with his 65-year-old boyfriend and when confronted he said it was his grandfather.  Why would you tell someone you were kissing your grandpa?  Are people more accepting of someone making out with an elderly family member than being gay?

Boney Maroney has fractured her tibula from a fall of the uneven bars in some gymnastics tour.  Maroney is not impressed with gravity.

Orioles Up, Yanks Down!

The NFL Network is giving us the pylon cam, but the camera I want is the yard marker cam.

Roger Goodell and the Bounty 4 are going to meet and try to resolve the issue.  Goodell has 2 plays.  Give the same punishment’s or backtrack.  What will he do?



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