The Carolina Panthers Got Their Feelings Hurt By The Saints Last Year

According to an article in the Charlotte Observer by Joseph Person, the Panthers are a little upset with the Saints’ 45-17 victory last season.  They feel that the Saints ran up the score on them to get their players a number of records last season.  Do I think the Saints ran up the score?  YES!  This is the NFL.  This isn’t a FBS team beating up a FCS team or a 4A high school team rolling a 1A team.  If the Panthers feel that the Saints were piling on, then they should have stopped them.  Oh, wait!  They tried that.  You can’t run up the score in pro sports because there is no such thing as running up the score when pros are involved.  Boxing don’t stop throwing knockout punches when they have the fight decided and the Saints don’t stop scoring when the defense quits.  I am so glad I will be attending the Saints/Panthers game this weekend and I hope the Saints hang another 45 on that ass.  Keep Purring Kitties, Keep Purring!


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