The Morning Dump: 9/14/12

Looking forward to a trip to the mountain cabin and the Saints/Panthers game this weekend.  Let’s get this work week done.

Man those Packers sure looked finished last night.  They embarrassed the Bears offense and reminded us all that they are still the team to beat in the NFC North.  Clay Matthews may have 30 sacks this year, he is unblockable.

Dwight Howard is taking this fake back injury story so far that he is willing to miss training camp for the Lakers. 

One bad thing about being off the grid in the mountains is that I will be forced to miss the Chavez Jr/Martinez fight on Saturday.  Sergio Martinez is the recognized best middleweight in the world and he will face the rising star that is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  I am picking a Chavez win.

Jawan Jamison is lighting.  He carried Rutgers to an upset victory at South Florida.

Ndamukong Suh and Lolo Jones are now dating.  Jones is the popular hurdler who has promised to stay a virgin until marriage and Suh is the Lions DT who is trying to trick Jones into thinking they are married.

If Harbaugh and Schwartz have any sense of humor at all they will get together and plan an elaborate handshake for after the game.  Touch gloves like boxers do, bump-slap-bump-slap-high-low-bump-half hug-slap or a fake hand gag.



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