Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Know The Onion Is Fake.

Smith has taken to Twitter to defend his honor and the honor of his non-son, after The Onion posted that he was going to have a heated debate about sex with his son.  Smith tweeted “I thought I’d heard enough despicable lies about myself. Now there’s some article that I have a 9-yr-old son and I’m going to have a conversation with him about sex.  Mind you, I neither have a son nor a 9-yr-old.  Some ppl are beyond despicable.  No end!  Sad what extent people will go, blah, blah, blah.”  This is the best Stephen A. Smith news ever and I hope Skip has the sack to bust him on this tomorrow on ESPN’s First Take.

The OnionSensing the 9-year-old is now old enough to engage in a heated debate on the subject, Stephen A. Smith reportedly decided Monday that his son is finally ready for the sex argument. “It’s a big milestone in every father-son relationship to sit your child down and dispute his pathetic ideas about the birds and bees,” said Smith, fondly remembering his own father belligerently talking over him when he got the sex argument as a boy. “He’s at that age where he’s starting to hear some things about sex at school, so it’s important for me as a parent to corner him on his logical inconsistencies and force him to admit he doesn’t have the experience to know what the hell he’s talking about.” Smith said he is ready to have the argument as soon as his son gets home from school and can get in front of a camera.


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