The Bully Will Get His Evidence.

Why would anyone ever trust Roger Goodell again?  Earlier today, Jonathan Vilma met with Roger Goodell and was presented with a signed affidavit from Gregg Williams that states Vilma offered 10k to injure Brett Favre.  Pretty solid evidence you would think, except it was signed on Friday 9/14/12.  After already getting called out for his lack of evidence, Goodell has decided to bully a coach who just wants to get back in the league to sign that Vilma put a pay-to-injure bounty on Favre.  Why was this not in the evidence before?  It is clear that Goodell is going to do whatever it takes to continue his reign as judge, jury and executioner.  Even if that includes creating evidence after the fact.  If I was Vilma, Smith, Hargrove and Fujita, I would refuse to meet with Goodell ever again.


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