The Morning Dump: 9/17/12

Brian Stropolo loves the Saints and the NFL should have known that.

It was a good weekend up in the mountains that turned ugly in Charlotte on Sunday afternoon.  I knew the game was over when the loud mouths at ESPN busted our chance at having a planted ref in the game.  I now need a 13-1 finish from my Saints to hit my 13-3 prediction.  Stop laughing, it could happen.

The replacement refs have regressed to their preseason week 1 level.  Every game had multiple blown calls and no calls.  The big thing that I saw yesterday was that the refs are letting the players be very physical after the play is over.  They seem scared to get in the middle.

NFL Ups: Texans and 49ers look dominant, Rookie QB’s, Reggie Bush, Cardinal’s D, Vick rallies.  NFL Downs: Saints, Chiefs, Patriots Offense, Giants O-Line awareness, Josh Morgan blows Skins game.

Tony Stewart sees an ass, Tony Stewart grabs an ass.  That’s just the way it is.

Brad Keselowski passed Jimmie Johnson late and pulled away to fire the first shot in the Chase win a Chicago win.  Gordon had a bullet, but a stuck throttle ended his chances for a great finish.  Here are the standings after the 1st race.

The wild card chasing Dodgers suffered a huge blow with Clayton Kershaw’s hip injury.  They need their bats to wake up if they are going to be able to catch St. Louis.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.’s living room training camp did not work out well for him against Sergio Martinez.  Martinez beat him around the ring for 11 round, but Chavez almost stole it in the 12th. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is still “sad” and Real Madrid is reeling as they begin Champion’s League play.  In related news, Messi is still very happy and has Barcelona unbeaten.

Clear your schedules on 11/3/12 for #1 Alabama at #2 LSU.  This is already setting up to be a monster game.


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