The Morning Dump: 9/18/12

I think it’s holding. I think it’s a false start. I think it’s pass interference. I think I’m over my head.

To no fault of their own the replacements refs are destroying the credibility of the league.  The NFL needs to step up and end this labor unrest with the referee’s union.  The problem is the league has all the leverage.  The fans and the money will continue to come as long as there is football to watch.  The league’s mind will not change until the fans and their wallets stop supporting the league.

Peyton Manning looks like he doesn’t have the arm at this time to carry an NFL team.  He has become a game manager.

Jay Cutler is about to get thrown off the boat in Chicago.  His attitude and lack of leadership has garnered him no respect in the Bears locker room.

Shaun White likes to party.

Can Chris Carpenter help the Cardinals hold off the Dodgers for the N.L. Wildcard?  Getting him back should.

Metta World Peace sees a 73 win season on the horizon for the Lakers.

Danica Patrick’s will have a new crew chief at Kentucky, but it will be the same old sorry racing from the talentless Patrick.


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