Kearny High School Should Be Shutdown

On Friday night the Kearny football team was to play the #4 ranked (Star Ledger Rankings) St. Peter’s Prep squad.  The game never happened, due to the Board of Education deciding to cancel the game so the Kearny players would not get hurt.  NOT GET HURT?  Yes, the school board made the decision on Friday morning that their football team could not play St. Peter’s Prep without getting injured.  If I was a student at Kearny I would transfer now.  How can you get up for a school that will do this?  Those prep rally’s must be awesome.  “Okay guys, let’s go out there and not get any boo boos.”  I bet there are moms on the sidelines with orange slices and capri suns.  If we all had this kind of attitude about going toe to toe with someone bigger and stronger, we would have never had the movie Hoosiers and Greg Baxter would have never got laid.


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