The NFL Has Become A Clown Show

On a Monday that we should be talking about the most exciting football Sunday in years, most of the attention is being put on the horrendous officiating.  That is why the official lockout is ruining this great sport.  Just look at what happened yesterday.  We had the Chiefs, Jets and Titans win in OT, the Raiders and Ravens won on last second field goals, Jamal Charles rushed for 233 yds with a 91-yard TD and A.J. Green had 183 yds receiving.  That’s a hell of a Sunday. 

What’s the theme today on all the sports radio stations and sports shows?  The replacement officials.  What they missed, what they won’t call, who they are scared of.  It’s DICULOUS (as my daughter would say.)!!  Great things are happening on the field and no one seems to care.  All we seem to care about is how bad these refs are.  John Fox and Del Rio are getting fined, the Hoodie is gonna get fined for grabbing one and Kyle Shanahan chased one down the tunnel screaming about balls.  You can see that from their actions on the field, the players don’t respect or listen to them.  You are getting the “You’re not my real dad” vibe.

Goodell, the NFL owners and the locked out officials need to get in a room with Ray Lewis leading the negotiations and not come out until this is cleared.  If Ray is involed, I say this thing is done in 15-20 minutes tops.


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