The Morning Dump: 9/25/12


The Yankees gained on the Orioles and are now up 1.5 games, but the Orioles are 4 games up on the Angels for the wildcard.

Rangers beat the A’s to move to 5 games ahead.

Josh Hamilton hit his 43rd HR to move 1 ahead of Cabrera.  Can Cabrera get it back to win the first triple crown in 45 years?

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee has spent $64,000 on bow ties since 2007.  Is that a bowtie-a-day plan?  How the hell is that possible?

The 2015 National Title game will be in one of these 6 cities: New Orleans, Atlanta, Glendale, Dallas, Miami and Pasadena.  New Orleans is the clubhouse leader, but they may not want to make it an SEC home game.

The best week in golf is upon us.  Ryder Cup Week, Baby!  Let’s beat those Euros.






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