Who Is The Referee Who Blew The MNF Call?

After the embarrassing ended to the Packers/Seahawks MNF game, I busted open The Sports Dump piggy bank/research fund and wanted to find out more on Official #26.  After minutes of research we were able to track him down and he has agreed to an exclusive Sports Dump interview.

For his safety we are going to refer to him as “The 12th Man”.

TSD:  How do you feel this morning?

12th Man:  Pretty damn good.

TSD:  We will get back to the game in a minute, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

12th Man:  I grew up in Seattle and went to Ballard High School in Seattle.  I was an average student, but I was voted Most Likely To Change The Outcome Of An NFL Game by my class.

TSD:  Really?

12th Man:  Yeah!  Crazy isn’t it?

TSD:  You bet.

The 12th Man is in the back with the lower half of his face covered Wilson style.

12th Man:  After high school I went to junior college and got a job at my dad’s umbrella store.  Things were going great until i got into some gambling problems.

TSD:  Gambling Problems?

12th Man:  Yeah, I was making some stupid bets. 

TSD:  Stupid bets?

12th Man:  I always bet the Seahawks, no matter what.  Favored by 20 or 20 point dogs.  It doesn’t matter.

TSD:  How did you get into officiating sports?

12th Man:  I answered a Craigslist ad from the NFL looking for people with mediocre experience watching sporting events and got the job.

TSD:  Sounds easy.

12th Man:  It was.  I went to a 3-hour boot camp and then I picked the games I wanted to work off a schedule on the wall.

TSD:  So what happened last night?

12th Man:  The Seahawks covered.

TSD:  What?

12th Man:  The Seahawks won.

TSD:  You said covered.

12th Man:  No, I didn’t.

TSD:  Yes, you did.

12th Man:  No, I didn’t.

TSD:  Whatever. 

12th Man:  I gotta go.  I’m going to see my bookie and collect my cash.


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