The Afternoon Dump 9/26/12

The Dump is a little late today due to a Dr.’s appointment for the record-breaking Copeland boy my wife is brewing. 

Is a deal going to get done between the NFL and the Officials?  We can only hope so.

With the Braves clinching 1 wild card spot last night, the N.L. has only one spot up for grabs for the Cardinals, Dodgers and Brewers.  The Cardinals are in the driver’s seat for it.

Look’s like the Charlotte Observer is starting to sour on Mr. Newton.  Are they trying to make him pout more?

Go back to your day job, Ref.  Check out USA Today’s list of ref day jobs.

Miami Marlins Heath Bell and Ozzie Guillen have equal hate for each other.

Former Cy Young winner, Eric Gagne claims that 80% of his Dodger teammates were using PED’s in the mid to late 2000’s.

This pic of Rhonda Rousey was deemed “Too Sexy” to be in Oxygen magazine, but just right for The Sports Dump.







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