Full Court Pressed

I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we take all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless, so maybe your mother will have a place to stay.


Welcome back to another edition of Full Court Pressed! Supposedly I missed last week’s post? I don’t believe you.

The NBA Regular season has begun, college squads are starting exhibition games and there’s always some new recruiting news. Let’s get right to it.

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The Morning Dump: 10/31/12

Be careful on the roads tonight and keep your eyes open for kids.  If you are home and you don’t hand out candy, you deserve all the eggs your windows get.

The Lakers offense is very scary.  I wouldn’t worry about them, because they will get it going in time to win the title.  The Lakers should cruise to the 5th seed and be the team to beat in the West.

The Heat looked good against the Celtics and look to be in mid-season form.

My 2013 MVP pick, Kyrie Irving had an impressive night for the Cavs.

The 2012 Gold Gloves were awarded yesterday and Mike Trout was robbed.  How can the guy with the 3 best catches in baseball this year not win the Gold Glove.

I didn’t know I could bet on pee we football.

Still no NHL.  Who misses it?

It’s a quick dump this morning and I will check back later.





The Morning Dump: 10/30/12

Not only has Superstorm Sandy brought destruction and flooding all over the northeast coast, she washed Captain Bodhi ashore 2 weeks early.  Wife and baby are doing great and we are blessed.

The NBA tips off tonight with 3 games.  TNT gives us Boston at Miami (Ray Allen vs. Boston) and Dallas at LA Lakers (New look Lakers).  Jumbo’s Finals Prediction: Lakers over Heat in 6.

The 49ers put it on the Cardinals on MNF and still look like the team to beat in the NFL.

Andy Reid and Vick are going to be gone next season.  They need to just roll it out together.  Keep him in Andy and let the new coach decide on Foles next year.

The Bay area is getting ready for a parade today for the World Series Champ Giants.  I thought the Giants could win, but I never expected a sweep.  Baseball is the craziest sport for momentum and streaks.

The Yankees are picking up Cano and Granderson’s options and letting Swisher walk.  I think they have to keep Ichiro and his new short-porch power stroke in NY, but he will have suitors.


2012-13 NBA Predictions

Tomorrow night the NBA season officially begins and we will all be treated to a full season after a full training camp. I’m beyond excited for this season and think it will once again be an incredibly intriguing season.

I’m not going to waste too many words with this intro, so click below to see Phil Young’s and my predictions on the upcoming season.

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The Day After: College Football Week 9

  • If you were not a Notre Dame believer before their domination of Oklahoma in Norman, you better be one now.  Brian Kelly is a hell of a coach, Everett Golson is a good QB, Manti Te’o is the best player in college football and this team is great.  Are they National Title great?  Hopefully we will get to find out.
  • The BCS has to be getting worried about the thought of having 4 undefeated teams with legit BCS Title game arguments left in December.  They will be huge USC fans in the month of November.
  • One of the nastiest injuries you will ever see on a football field, with Marcus Lattimore getting his right leg busted in half.  In my year in Columbia, I heard many people talk about him as being a very nice kid and I hope this isn’t the last we see him on a football field.  This is why I an all for kids leaving school to go pro if they have the chance.  Bodies are fragile and life can change in a heartbeat on the field.
  • The 2 things that would bother me the most about NC State’s last second loss to UNC if I was a State fan would be… 1. Why was Tom O’Brien settle for OT with 2 minutes left and 3 timeouts?  2.  Why the hell would you kick the ball to Giovani Bernard?  I think Tom O’Brien is a solid coach, but his lack of guts at the end of that game was embarrassing. Continue reading