The Morning Dump: 10/1/12

Talk about taking a dump…  What an EPIC collapse by Team USA in the Ryder Cup.  Giving up a 4 point final day lead on your home court was the biggest chokejob in sport’s history.  I dare you to try to give me a bigger one.

If I was Tiger Woods, I would drive home from Medinah and hit every Perkins I could find.  He has to get his roll back.

I do wish Bubba Watson would have taken it harder than he did.  That was a little quick on the “What a finish, Europe” tweets.

At the quarter pole, Houston and San Fran look like the 2 best teams in the league.  Atlanta is close behind.

Did the replacement refs work the Packers/Saints game?  That was some bad officiating.

Saints 2013:  In Mingo We Trust!

Mario Williams is a $100 million decoration in Buffalo.

Keselowski and Jeff Gordon played the fuel game yesterday in Dover and Keselowski played it better.  Big win for the Blue Duce.

I hope the Yankees and Orioles tie after 162 games and have to play a 1 game playoff where the loser plays a 1 game playoff.

The NHL is lockout.  Notice yet?

LSU vs. Florida, WVU vs. Texas, Georgia vs. South Carolina this weekend in 3 battles of top 10 teams.

Did West Virginia just score again?  Geno Smith is a Heisman lock.  4 games, 20 TD, 0 Int, 1,728 yds.






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