The Morning Dump: 10/2/12

Last nights MNF game was not one to watch if you are a QB guy.  Romo tossed 5 Ints and Jay Cutler showed he will always be a petulant baby.  How Bout Them Cowboys?

Steve Spurrier has threatened to take his visor and leave South Carolina if hated columnist Ron Morris is allowed to write about USC anymore.  Morris made a comment that compared Spurrier’s control over USC to Paterno and Penn State.  Too soon, Ron.

Good luck in your cancer recovery, Chuck Pagano.  Something great finally came from an early bye week.  If the bye was later for Indy, Pagano would have waited to get blood work and things could have been worse.

“Tougher, Faster, Stronger”-  This is the slogan of YOUR 2012-2013 Charlotte Bobcats.  Too bad they hung the sign over the visitors locker room.

Are you looking for something to do this week?  Why don’t you enjoy some baseball on us at The Sports Dump?  We have purchased 10 tickets off StubHub to the 10/3 Astros/Cubs game in Chicago and are giving them away.  Give us a call or just go to StubHub and spend your own $.19 per ticket.

Yankees, Orioles, Rangers, Tigers, Giants, Nationals, Reds and the Braves are in.  The A’s and the Cardinals control their own destiny to get in the playoffs.


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