The Morning Dump: 10/3/12

Here are your new look Lakers, the next NBA World Champions.

All 10 teams in the MLB Postseason are known, but we just don’t know what seed.

If you would have told me in April that the Oakland A’s would be playing a meaningful October game, I would have sais no chance, but today they have a chance to clinch the A.L. West from the Rangers.

The Yankees have their destiny in their hands tonight against the Pawtucket Boston Red Sox.  Win and it doesn’t matter what Baltimore does.  Lose and they may have to play a 1 game playoff for the division.

Unless Josh Hamilton goes off on a multi-HR tear, Miggy will get the 1st Triple Crown since 1967.  I hope it is recognized by the MVP voters.

The N.L. MVP looks to be Buster Posey, but it should be Ryan Braun.  His numbers were better than his MVP season last year and he played through the PED questions.

Eric LaGrand tweeted “Want to race me?” to Lolo Jones.  It looks like Lolo Jones didn’t know who Eric LeGrand was because she tweeted back “get checked for a concussion. clearly u’ve been hit in the head… cos u arent beating a track athlete.”.  Nice smack talk to a man in a wheelchair, Lolo.

Looks like we will miss some regular season hockey.  Who cares?  The season should be 2 weeks and then we should have 3 months of playoff hockey.


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