The Morning Dump: 10/4/12

I think Mitt took the debate last night.  Offense wins in politics and Obama was playing defense last night.  This is coming from a Obama supporter.  Enough of that, let’s get to the real presidential news that matters.

TEDDY WINS, TEDDY WINS, TEDDY WINS!!!!!!!  Teddy Roosevelt has finally won the president’s race at Nationals Park after trying and failing over 500 times since 2006.  It’s about time.

Leading the A.L. West all year and losing it on the last day will be tough for the Rangers.  They just don’t look happy to be out there.

Congrats to the A’s and the Orioles on their strong seasons.  Who is the American League MOY, Showalter or Melvin?  I vote Melvin.

Miguel Cabrera gets the 1st triple crown since 1967.  MVP! MVP! MVP!

“Five seconds of exposure in NFL games is “worth way more” than a NASCAR race”-John Turner, Sponsor Intelligence with the Sports Business Journal.  I would have to agree.

Great piece by Ken Berger on Royce White and his battle with anxiety disorder.

Messi has his Barcelona Club sitting at 6-0-0 going into their massive matchup with Real Madrid on Sunday 10/7.  Can Messi be stopped?  Not a chance.

When are we going to get to see Carl Froch and Andre Ward go at it in the ring?  That’s the fight I want to see more than anything else on the horizon.

Sean Payton, Joe Vitt and Micky Loomis will be allowed to attend the Saints game on Sunday night at the request of Drew Brees.  If the Saints beat the Chargers, I think they should sneak them in every week after that.

The greatest F1 driver of all time, Michael Shumacher will retire after this season.  His 7 titles and 91 wins are both F1 records.



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