The Morning Dump: 10/9/12

Sad news about NFL great Alex Karras’ failing health.  Mongo was the man.  I also loved him as Porky’s brother.

Houston stayed 5-0, but the NFL needs to look into the illegal chop block that took out Cushing.  I agree with Clay Matthews’ take on it.  If the NFL was serious about safety, they would protect all players.

The O’s needed a good start from Chen if they were going to have a chance against the Yankees and they got one.  I still like the Yankees with the next 3 games in Baltimore to get 2 of them.

Look for the Reds and Tigers to close out tonight and be well rested for the League Championships.

Felix Baumgartner is going to try and break the sound barrier tomorrow in nothing but a spacesuit.  Red Bull gives you wings.  Then it uses those wings to kill you at 700 mph.

Jerry Sandusky gets sentenced today and I hope after that we never have to here about him again.  Enjoy the shower, Tickle Monster.

Thank you, ESPN.  We knew Tebow was 0-1, but what we didn’t know is how that was possible.  All we knew is, it couldn’t have been Tebow’s fault.

The Sports Dump Conspiracy Theory:  I think Skip Bayless owns ESPN.  Why would they put him on it so much and why would they devote so much time to Tebow?




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