The Morning Dump: 10/10/12

A little late to the dump this morning, but here it is.

RIP Alex Karras.  I’m going to watch Blazing Saddles tonight.

Big day for the MLB playoffs with all 4 games going on.  I look for the Tigers and Reds to close out and for the Cards and Yankees to take hold of their series.  STL/WASH 1:07p, SF/CIN 4:07p, BAL/NYY 7:37p, DET/OAK 9:37p all on TBS

Roger Goodell reissued the Saints bounty suspensions with minimal changes.  I think all of this is meaningless and uneventful until the judge pulls Goodell on the stand to testify and produce evidence.

LSU isn’t blaming their QB, their offensive line or their defensive line for their loss to Florida last weekend.  They are blaming the heat.  I find it hard to believe that a Louisiana team had trouble with the Florida weather and it makes me worry about LSU Saturday night in Baton Rouge.

Stephan Bonner is going to give us his best Rocky Balboa impression against Anderson Silva on Saturday night at UFC 153 in Brazil.  I fighter with no chance and nothing to lose is the most dangerous thing in the ring.

I look for Josh Hamilton to end up back in Cincinnati for next season.  No facts yet, but just a hunch.

An overly excited Mitt Romney supporter delayed the start of the Cardinals/Nationals game by running across the field with a Romney sign.  He was tased by the pro-Obama security force.


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