The Morning Dump: 10/11/12

Please take some time this morning to think about two members of The Sports Dump family.  Tommy Pash and Richard Phillips have both been hospitalized with two of the most severe cases of the Raul Ibanez Sickness ever recorded. 

Dale Jr. will be sitting out the next 2 races for a concussion and that will end his chances for a title this season.  Mike Shanahan would have him racing this week.

What a day in the MLB Playoffs yesterday.  We got 4 games and 2 of them ended in walk-offs.  With 4 games today, I hope we can match last night’s action.  I look for the Yankees, Cardinals, Tigers and Reds to do their work and close out.

Raul Ibanez comes in cold in the 9th to pinch hit for A-Rod and parks it in the right- center bleachers.  Then he send the first pitch he sees in the 12th out as well for a walk-off Yankee win.

Seth Smith hits a 2-run dbl and scores on Coco Crisp’s hit in the 9th to beat Tigers and force a 5th game.

This week’s “Brooklyn Rising” SI cover with Deron Williams is pretty sweet.

How much a of a prick must Lance Armstrong be?  For the USADA to get 11 former teammates and friends to testify against him.  That is someone who has burned many bridges and has left many broken relationships behind him.  Still, his legacy should be the millions of dollars he has raised and the attention he has brought to cancer research.

Terry Bradshaw criticizing Drew Brees for asking Goodell if Payton, Loomis and Vitt could be there to see him break Unitas’ record is absurd.  This is just Terry being cranky that Big Ben is about to pass his Steelers record.  Terry Bradshaw being in the HOF is absurd.  If he was in the league today, he would be no better than Matt Cassell.

Tiger and McIlroy went head-to-head in Turkey and Tiger put a 6-stroke beatdown on Rory.



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