The Morning Dump: 10/12/12

“You only have to bat a thousand in two things, flying and heart transplants. The rest you can go 4 for 5.” – Beano Cook

We lost the wildly entertaining Beano Cook yesterday and he will be missed.

The MLB playoffs have been great.

Justin Verlander is near un-hittable.  The Tigers will win every game he pitches this postseason.

Big time comeback from the Giants to beat the Reds from 2 games down.

Jason Werth gets a walk-off HR in a 13 pitch at bat to send the Nationals/Cardinals to a 5th game.

J.J. Hardy doubles in the winning run in the 13th to force the Yankees to put C.C. Sabathia up against Hammel in a game 5.

The Steelers lost 23-20 to the Titans last night and lost what looked like 17 players to injury. 

Greg Biffle jumped all over the CMS qualifying record and left my pick for the pole (Mark Martin) in 2nd.  Newman, Bowyer and Johnson round out the top 5.

I’m a dog lover and I see no problem with Mike Vick owning a dog.  He did his time and paid his price.  That dog is lucky to have a loving family to take care of him.



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