Why are Tom Brady’s knees so valuable?

After Brian Cushing tore his ACL in taking a low block from Matt Slauson, Jared Allen and the rest of the NFL’s defensive players are starting to speak out against the NFL’s system of protecting QBs over anyone else.

Jared Allen made the following comments to the NFL Network today. “In a league that talks about taking care of  defenseless players – players in defenseless positions — that is a situation where there is nothing he can do to defend himself.  There is no place for that.  If you take a guy’s knee, he may never be the same player after that.  If we are going to talk about player safety, it needs to be equality for all players. My knee is just as valuable as Tom Brady’s in my eyes.  There are hits on the defensive players that could be illegal and probably save some defensive players.”

I love my New Orleans Saints and I love Drew Brees, but if he got taken out by a defensive end coming in low to get a sack, I would understand.  This is football.  I have never understood the defenseless player rules.  If you have on a helmet and you are on the field, you are not defenseless.  If you have the sack to go across the middle and catch a ball, you should expect some contact.  I know the NFL is protecting their investment and their product’s value.  We all want to see great offensive players put up great numbers.  We want to see touchdowns and crazy numbers.  I’ve been to some 10-3 games and they are not near as fun as the 35-28 games that I have been to.  But the league can’t shackle the defense anymore.  Helmet to helmet should be inforced because there is no benefit to it.  Blow to the head on the QB by hand or arm.  Get rid of it.  If helmet technology is not good enough to protect against that, then why wear them.  The list of useless penalties could go on for days.

If you are going to place rules and policies to protect players, then use them to protect all players.  Not just the ones that help you sell tickets.


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