The Day After: College Football Edition

  • With WVU and South Carolina losing yesterday, the top 5 is getting a shake up 2 weeks in a row.  With the BCS coming out today, look for Bama, Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Florida to hold the top 5.
  • Even after the 49-14 beating his Mountaineers took from Texas Tech, Geno Smith is still the Heisman frontrunner this morning.  If they take a beating next week against Kansas State and their Heisman candidate Collin Klein, that may change.
  • A questionable early whistle may have given Notre Dame a OT win over Stanford, but those are the kind of wins National Championship teams get.  As much as a ND Title would drive me crazy, this team is looking more and more like a threat against Alabama in a BCS title game.  They still have to get by road games in Oklahoma and USC, but if they do that…  Watch out!
  • Ohio won this week to improve to 7-0.  Can they get into the BCS picture?  They will have to finish ranked in the top 12 or by ranked in the top 16 and be ahead of one AQ conference champ.  They will hit the rankings this week and hopefully start to move up fast.  Their road win at Penn State looks better than Boise States road loss at MSU now.
  • The Ohio State Buckeyes are going to give us their best 1993 Auburn impersonation and go undefeated with nothing to show for it.  It will just make Urban Meyer more insufferable.
  • Poor Joker Phillips and his Kentucky Wildcats.  It takes some serious effort to make a John L. Smith squad look dominant.  Can Coach Cal do some recruiting for the football team?
  • Next weekend we get South Carolina at Florida and Kansas State at West Virgina in big time title shaping battles.
  • I don’t think there will be an undefeated team in the BCS title game.

Jumbo’s Top 5:

1.  Alabama

2.  Kansas State

3.  Notre Dame

4.  Oregon

5.  LSU


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