The Morning Dump: 8/15/12

“Sure the fight was fixed.  I fixed it with my right hand.”- George Foreman

Go out and fix whatever fight you got today.

The initial BCS rankings are out and the SEC holds the top 2 spots with Alabama and Florida.  Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame round out the top 5.

2 first ballot Hall of Famers suffered major injuries that could jeopardise the twilight of their careers this weekend.  I hope this isn’t the last we see of Derek Jeter and Ray Lewis playing at a high level.

The Tigers are owning the Yankees.  The entire Yankees lineup looks confused at the plate.  Verlander should be licking his chops for that lineup on Tuesday night.

I am a big fan of this brash trash talk backing up bunch in Seattle.  Pete Carroll has turned this team into the baddest team in the PAC12 NFC West.

The Packers look to be back.  They put it on Houston. 

Felix Baumgartner is a F***ing Stud.  Watching him jump from 128,000, was the baddest thing I have ever seen.

The fact that all 4 AFC East teams are 3-3, shows you how crazy and unpredictable the NFL is.

My man Clint Bowyer played the fuel mileage game to perfection and got his 3rd win of the season.  Brad Keselowski is in first at the halfway point by 7 pts to Jimmie Johnson.  Hamlin (-15), Bowyer (-28) and Kahne (-35) round out the top 5.  With 5 more races to go, it looks like the winner will be in this group.  I don’t see someone coming in a catching.



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