The Morning Dump: 10/17/12

“Binders full of women!”- Mitt Romney

Lance Armstrong has stepped down as the chairman of the Livestrong Foundation to limit its damage from his doping scandal.  It was a move that needed to happen.  Nike has also severed ties with Armstrong.

Verlander was great and the Tigers put the Yankees in a 3-0 hole.  The Yankees are a lifeless mess right now and this series is DONZO.  Get the brooms out.

Team USA took it to Guatemala to move on to the final round of World Cup qualifying.

The federal judge in New Orleans has asked the NFL and Roger Goodell to hand over its bounty evidence.

If have not watched Texas A&M’s QB Johnny Manziel yet, you need to make sure you check him out this weekend against LSU.  He’s putting up Cam Newton and Tebow like numbers as a freshman.

If I was Matt Holliday I would borrow Sam Bradford’s flack jacket.  A baseball to the ribs is coming.

This SI report on the Honey Badger may lead to some looks from the NCAA for LSU.  Les Miles will be in the NFL in 2013, then back in college in 2017.

If the NFL is trying to kill the London game, they succeeded.  After the UK gets a taste of Steelers fans, they will demand the NFL never return.


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