The Morning Dump: 10/18/12

Late to the Dump today , due to Dads and Donuts at my daughters school. 

The A-Rod/Yankee marriage looks to be all but buried.  The Yankees are ready to move on from the former star and eat about $100m just to get him off the roster.  It looks like A-Rod is ready to let it happen.  The Marlins and the Angels look to be the early leaders.

The Yankees got one more day, thanks to the rain, but the Tigers will close it out today.

The Cards pulled a rain delayed win from the Giants and have a 2-1 lead.

The Jon Jones/Chael Sonnen Season of TUF will be epic.  I can’t wait to check it out.

With her Q score in a free fall, Danica Patrick is very close to getting dropped from Go Daddy.  The web domain’s new ad agency will have the power to drop the overrated and underperforming Patrick from it’s advertising lineup.

The ‘Cancer Shield’ is down for Lance Armstrong.

Give me the Seahawks over the 49ers tonight.

Note to all political candidates.  Make sure you don’t mix up the names of the 2 quaterbacks of the NFL team you visit in a swing state.



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