The Morning Dump: 10/19/12

“God have mercy on the man who doubts what he’s sure of.”- The Boss. 

MONSTER betting win for the Jumbo last night.  Parlayed the Seahawks +8 (Thanks Harbaugh), Oregon -16.5, Oregon/ASU Over 59 pts.  Back in the game, baby!

In more betting news, the Tigers are rolling and my preseason Tigers pick (8/1 WS Champs) and bet is looking good, but the Cardinals scare the hell out of me.

Jim Harbaugh declining a safety last night moved $65m to the other side of the board in the gambling world.

The Cardinals are rolling and have a 3-1 lead on the Giants in the NLCS.  With the Tigers having whipped the Yanks, it looks like we are getting a 2006 WS rematch.

The long Yankee offseason begins today.  They have some big decisions to make on Granderson (Gone), Swisher (Gone), starting pitching (Need 3 more) and A-Rod (Stuck with him until 2017).

The NHL and the NHLPA are never going to agree on a split.  The players will fold, but the options to play hockey in Russia and Europe will drag this on longer.

I am a huge fan of Chris Kluwe’s stance on same-sex marriage.  I could read Chris Kluwe opinions all day.

Practice speeds at Kansas are blowing away the track qualifying record for the track.  The race this weekend should be very exciting.

I spend the week waiting for the next episode of ‘The Walking Dead’.


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