The Morning Dump: 10/23/12

With the Bears abusing the Lions, the Giants rolling the Giants and the 3rd Debate on last night, I didn’t know which boring event to watch while I fell asleep.

The Giants closed out the Cardinals with a 9-0 beatdown to move on to the Tigers in the World Series.  I am going to stay with the Tigers (My Preseason Pick), but the Giants scare me.  I just don’t see the Giants getting through the Tigers and Verlander.

Fact: 20 of the 21 top 3 finishers in Lance Armstrong’s 7 Tour de France titles have faced doping allegations and/or failed test.  Not defending Lance, but just bringing up the fact that professional cycling has always been and always will be a dirty sport.

Brady Quinn is now the starter in Kansas City and Troy Smith is selling Hondas.  I believe I’ve won the bet Bish.

The world on the street is that Rory McIlroy will be signing a $250m deal with Nike when his Titleist deal is done at the end of the year.  Nike is flush with cash now after dropping Lance Armstrong.

How much is a NCAA athletes’ image worth?

It doesn’t look good for Shabazz Muhammad and UCLA.  When your lawyer isn’t denying any wrong doing, but just saying that the NCAA had no jurisdiction over you when you were in high school, it’s not going to work out too well.  If I was Shabazz, I would start learning French.

The Campus Union on SI agrees with my pick of Boise State’s helmets as the best.

Goodell is close to shutting down the Pro Bowl.  If he does, it will be his most popular decision in months.


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