Carolina Panthers Hire Firm To Help With GM Search

The Carolina Panthers are not planning on waiting to the end of the season find their next GM and they have hired a consultant to help with the search.  The Sports Dump was able to get a hold of the questionnaire that the firm is using to qualify general manager candidates.  Here is a sampling of the questions.

  • If a local FCS school’s most electric and popular player is rated as a 7th round Pick or Undrafted Free Agent on draft day, you would?  a. Draft him if he is there in the 7th Rd, b. Trade a 2nd Rd pick and take him in the 3rd Rd, c. Leave him alone like the rest of the league would.
  • If there is a Notre Dame QB on the draft board, what would you do? a. Trade up and draft him in the 2nd Rd, b. Remember he is a Notre Dame QB and take him off your board.
  • How would you treat the core of your 2-14 team? a. Sign them to big contracts that get your boss laughed at the NFL owner’s meeting, b. Trade some of you pieces for depth and draft picks.
  • When your 34-year-old QB turns the ball over 6 times in a playoff loss, what do you give him in the offseason? a. Pink Slip, b. a 5 year/42.5m Contract, c. Stomach Punch.

If you think you answered the questions better than Marty Hurney did, you may have a future as a NFL General Manager.


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