The Morning Dump: 10/24/12

Ozzie Guillen is out as Miami Marlins’ manager just in time to travel to Cuba to stand vigil for the ailing Fidel Castro.

Sweep the leg, Suh!  Why is this an issue?

Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk was arrested for DUI after he was found asleep parked in a cornfield in Illinois.  Did the police see him driving?  Did he drive into the cornfield drunk?  Was he just parking in a cornfield drinking?  I want more details.

The UFC’s Dana White looks to be bringing a female division to the UFC to get in on the Ronda Rousey train.

As a father of 2 girls, the ‘Fantasy Slut League’ scares the hell out of me.  As a former teenage boy, the ‘Fantasy Slut League’ is a pretty impressive show of teenage sex drive ingenuity.

Still no NHL.

If the Bobcats are going to keep from breaking their own losing season record, they are going to need more from Michael Kidd-Gilchrist than 25% shooting nights.

Dale Jr. has been cleared to return to racing this weekend at Martinsville, but I think he should sit out the rest of the season.  Though he could race and just sue NASCAR when his career is over.



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