The Morning Dump: 10/26/12

The weekend always feels better when there is a Saints night game.

You can blame the 6 day layoff for the Game 1 loss, but you can’t use it for Game 2.  The Giants are playing smarter and they are just wearing the Tigers down.  It’s not over, but the Giants are in the driver’s seat by only needing 2 wins in 5 games to win the Series.

Tyrann Mathieu’s celebrated his stint in rehab by getting arrested for marijuana possession yesterday along with 3 other former LSU football players.  Just another million dollar athlete with a 10 cent head.

Doug Martin had his coming out party last night with a big game against the Vikings.

With David Stern retiring on 2/01/14, we will only have to endure 1 more fixed NBA draft lottery.

Hall of Fame boxing trainer Emanuel Steward passed away yesterday.  One of the greatest boxing trainers ever, Steward trained out of the famed Kronk gym in Detroit and turned the likes of Thomas Hearns, Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko into champions.  He also did great work as an analyst for HBO Boxing.

Chris Cooley wanted to get some free beers in his Redskins contract.  For the first time, Daniel Snyder said no.

I am a big fan of the NCAA’s proposed heavier sanctions for head coaches who lead questionable programs.  It about time the NCAA quit following the rogue assistant theory.


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