The Day After: College Football Week 9

  • If you were not a Notre Dame believer before their domination of Oklahoma in Norman, you better be one now.  Brian Kelly is a hell of a coach, Everett Golson is a good QB, Manti Te’o is the best player in college football and this team is great.  Are they National Title great?  Hopefully we will get to find out.
  • The BCS has to be getting worried about the thought of having 4 undefeated teams with legit BCS Title game arguments left in December.  They will be huge USC fans in the month of November.
  • One of the nastiest injuries you will ever see on a football field, with Marcus Lattimore getting his right leg busted in half.  In my year in Columbia, I heard many people talk about him as being a very nice kid and I hope this isn’t the last we see him on a football field.  This is why I an all for kids leaving school to go pro if they have the chance.  Bodies are fragile and life can change in a heartbeat on the field.
  • The 2 things that would bother me the most about NC State’s last second loss to UNC if I was a State fan would be… 1. Why was Tom O’Brien settle for OT with 2 minutes left and 3 timeouts?  2.  Why the hell would you kick the ball to Giovani Bernard?  I think Tom O’Brien is a solid coach, but his lack of guts at the end of that game was embarrassing.
  • I have decided to quit picking against Ohio State.  It isn’t because I think they are a very good team, it’s just because without the threat of having to go to a bowl and be embarrassed by an SEC team they have no fear of winning.
  • Georgia’s defense came to play and now they not Florida control the SEC East.  Florida’s lack of offense efficiency was bound to kill them and it happened.  Florida took its first loss and it needs UGA to slip up against Ole Miss or Auburn to have a chance at the SEC Title game.
  • Covered by the press that Manti Te’o (Very Much Deserved) gets, UGA’s Jarvis Jones is dominating SEC offenses.  Yesterday vs. Florida he had 13 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, three sacks, two forced fumbles and two fumble  recoveries.
  • Ohio, Mississippi State, Rutgers and Oregon State joined Florida by taking their first losses of the season yesterday.  The biggest was Ohio losing their chance to be this season’s BCS buster.  Boise State moves back into the BCS spotlight with a trip to Nevada as their only challenge left.
  • Must watch games this week: Oregon at USC and Alabama at LSU will have a major impact on the BCS picture.

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