2012-13 NBA Predictions

Tomorrow night the NBA season officially begins and we will all be treated to a full season after a full training camp. I’m beyond excited for this season and think it will once again be an incredibly intriguing season.

I’m not going to waste too many words with this intro, so click below to see Phil Young’s and my predictions on the upcoming season.

Phil’s Picks:




1 Heat

2 Pacers

3 Celtics

4 Nets

5 Sixers

6 Hawks

7 Bulls

8 Knicks



1 Thunder

2 Lakers

3 Spurs

4 Clips

5 Nuggets

6 Grizz

7 Warriors

8 Jazz

MVP: Lebron James – They’ll be fellating him a lot after a full year at the 4 spot

ROY: Damian Lillard – only because I’m sure you’ll pick Davis and The Black Falcon is too streaky

DPOY: Dwight Howard – and it’s not close for anyone else if he stays healthy

COY: Frank Vogel – gets my respect for coaching a team of no names in the time of “super teams”

FINALS MATCHUP: Lakers over Heat.

FINALS MVP: Tempted to put LBJ here even in a loss, but I’ll go Steve Nash.


Nothing too crazy there other than him thinking Kobe will let Nash win the Finals MVP.


Richard’s Picks:



1 Heat

2 Celtics

3 Pacers

4 Nets

5 Knicks

6 Sixers

7 Bulls

8 Hawks


1 Spurs

2 Thunder

3 Nuggets

4 Lakers

5 Clippers

6 Grizzlies

7 Jazz

8 Kings

MVP: Lebron James – This will be an extremely entertaining race between he and Kevin Durant, but I expect LBJ to pull it out once again.

ROY: Anthony Davis – Phil was right, but this was a really hard decision. I really like Barnes and Lillard too. However, it sounds like the Unibrow’s offense isn’t as much of a work in progress as originally thought.

DPOY: Lebron James – I think a full year of guarding power forwards will show what an incredible defender King James really is.

COY: Keith Smart – This goes with my prediction of the Kings to sneak into the 8th spot out West. Cousins turns into the 3rd best big man in the league this year thanks to Smart’s incredible job motivating the misunderstood star.

FINALS MATCHUP: Don’t let me picking the Lakers finishing 4th in the West fool you. By the playoffs this is the team to beat after the Thunder traded away James Harden. But it doesn’t matter: Heat over Lakers.

FINALS MVP: Lebron James – Last year he averaged 28, 10 and 7 in the Finals. His numbers won’t be that good again, thanks to a healthier and deeper team but no one else will even be considered.

Enjoy the start of the season. Follow us on twitter @phileyoung and @DLAGPrez


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