The Morning Dump: 11/30/12

Dumping a little late this morning, so here it is.

BreesThe Falcons intercepted Drew Brees 5 times and ended his TD pass streak at 54 games.  The Falcons are rolling to the #1 seed in the NFC, but I still put them behind the 49ers, Patriots, Texans and Giants as Super Bowl favorites.

David Stern is pissed at Pop for resting Duncan, Parker, Green and Ginoibli for the primetime matchup vs. the Heat and says sanctions are coming.  I don’t see the fuss and I think that Stern and the NBA need to get out of how coaches manage their rosters.

louisvilleLouisville upset Rutgers on the road and have pretty much clinched the Big East title and a BCS bowl.

The rumor mill has the L.A. Clippers making a run at Phil Jackson.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam thinks the Browns are close to being a playoff team.  Haslam’s children have started pricing facilities for him.



TSD College Football Primer: Week 14

(Saturday Down South)

It’s time to crown some conference champs and close this season out.  Notre Dame is sitting at home and waiting for the SEC Championship to decide their opponent.  Will the Big East end in a 4-way tie?  Can Georgia Tech or Wisconsin win the conference they shouldn’t even be in the hunt for?  Will K-State be over their loss to Baylor?  Let’s find out.

Last Week: 3-4 (51-58-2, 47%)

Thursday 11/29

Louisville at Rutgers (-2) 7:30pm ESPN

If Rutgers handles it’s business and wins, then they win the Big East and earn a BCS bowl.  If Louisville wins, then all hell breaks loose and we have 4 way tie for the Big East title (Rutgers, Louisville, Syracuse and Cinci).  Rutgers will handle the load and put it on the ACC’s newest member at home.

Friday 11/30

MAC Championship: #19 Northern Illinois (-5.5) vs. #18 Kent State 7pm ESPN2

Is the BCS ready for the MAC?  They better be, because the winner of the MAC Championship will be ranked ahead of the Big East champ and will get an automatic BCS bid to face FSU or Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.  MAC POY Jordan Lynch will carry NIU to the win and to the BCS.

PAC12 Championship: #17 UCLA at #8 Stanford (-9.5) 8pm FOX

Did you watch this game last week?  If you said yes, then just watch the MAC instead.  If you didn’t watch it last week, enjoy another Stanford beatdown of the Bruins. Continue reading

The Morning Dump: 11/29/12

Are you ready for the Saints vs. Falcons game tonight?  The ground crew at the Atlanta airport is.  They threw eggs at the Saints team bus as it was leaving yesterday.  If I was Tom Benson, I would pony up for a free scrambled egg breakfast for the workers of the ATL airport tomorrow morning.  After the Saints roll those Falcons.

The Atlanta Braves are betting $75m that B.J. Upton will finally live up to the hype and have made the first big FA move of the offseason.  He will cover centerfield for the Braves and give them the right-handed powerbat they lack.

A Duke team that doesn’t fold in close game pressure will be very dangerous.  They showed grit in their win vs. the Buckeyes.

Sorry ACC, but the BIG10 is the best college basketball conference.

Brandon Marshall claims that NFL players are using Viagra as a PED.  Those loose ball pile ups just got more interesting.

Rough return to OKC for Harden and the Wizards are on a 1 game roll.

Who’s got the best Eurostep in the NBA?

Tajh Boyd is good and all, but there is no way he deserves to be the 1st team QB on the Coaches All-American Team.

The ACC should be happy with the Louisville for Maryland trade, but needs to be worried about more team walking away.  UNC or Va Tech to the BIG10 and Clemson or FSU to the SEC are real possibilities.



The Morning Dump: 11/28/12

I have been on Duke’s #1 bandwagon all season, but after watching Indiana destroy UNC (UNC fans won’t admit it happened since P.J. Hairston didn’t play) last night I think that Indiana might be a truly dominant ball club.  I really wish the ACC/BIG10 challenge was a tournament so we wouldn’t have to wait until March to maybe see Duke and Indiana go at it.

I think Duke puts it on Ohio State late, but we will be in for a hell of a game tonight.

This is how you spend the NHL lockout, drunk and dressed as the purple Teletubby.

Arkansas has moved their gaze south and offered LSU coach Les Miles a 5 yr/ $27.5m contrct to coach the Hogs.  There is no way Les makes that move and burns the LSU fan base.

The ACC wants their $50m from Maryland’s move to the BIG10 and the rest of the ACC is waiting to see how this ends up in court.  If there is a lowered buyout, look for FSU, Clemson and Georgia Tech to look hard at a move.

Gregg Williams has been asked to speak at a hearing with Paul Tagliabue on Friday and Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith will be there to see the former coach whose testimony led to their suspensions. 

Tulsa AD Ross Parmley has been put on paid leave after his name showed up in a federal gambling investigation.  What’s the over/under he gets fired?


The Homer and the Troll

My friend Jonny and I don’t agree on much. Especially when it comes to college basketball. He is a self-loathing NC State fan, while I am a delusional Kentucky fan. That’s not to say we don’t know anything about basketball, because we do. Well, as long as you’re not asking us to be objective about our own teams. That’s where this feature comes in. We’re going to be watching various NC State and Kentucky games and give our thoughts and opinions. The role of the Homer and the Troll will alternate depending on who’s team we’re watching. Enjoy.

Tonight’s game: #18 NC State: 72  –  #3 Michigan: 79

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