The Day After: College Football Week 10

  • USC needed to score 50 pts to have a chance against Oregon yesterday and the offense did it’s job.  It was just too bad the D gave up 738 yards and 62 points.  Oregon got its first test of the season and came through good enough to probably move past Notre Dame to #3 in the BCS standings.  Oregon has the hardest road left of the remaining unbeatens with Cal, Stanford and Oregon State.
  • Helping the Ducks move up a spot was Notre Dame’s triple-OT struggle against unranked Pittsburgh.  The Irish were outplayed most of the game, but like Champions sometimes have to do, they pulled it out in the end.  This game should remind them that each week will be a battle and they can’t look ahead to USC.
  • With the most impressive win of the unbeatens yesterday, Alabama got the ball down 3 with less than 2 minutes left and moved down the field to beat LSU in Death Valley.  The Tide got their backs against the wall for the first time this season and lived to tell about it.  Next week’s Texas A&M matchup will be a True/False test compared to this weekend’s exam.
  • Kansas State beat Oklahoma State, but lost Collin Klein to an arm injury.  K-State’s title hopes hang in the balance of how bad Klein’s injury may be.  If he misses some time, then they will fall down the standings and let Oregon move up.
  • With Boise State’s 21-19 upset to San Diego State, it looks like we won’t have any non-AQ schools busted into the BCS bowls.  That will be good for TV and bad for the little guys.
  • That last second loss to UNC looks like it affected NC State more than just a loss.  The team looked broken and done against the Virginia Cavaliers in Raleigh.  The calls for Tom O’Brien’s job are getting louder from the Pack fans.
  • The Buckeyes are 10-0 and because of their bowl ban they are not going to get the rewards from it.  All of this could have been avoided if Ohio State would have given themselves a 2011 bowl ban and not forced the NCAA to raise their self-imposed sanctions.
  • Games to watch: K-State at TCU and Texas A&M at Alabama.

Jumbo’s Top 5

1.  Alabama

2.  Oregon

3.  Kansas State (With a healthy Klein)

4.  Notre Dame

5.  LSU


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