Tim Donaghy is off probation and ready to give betting advice.

Tim Donaghy, the centerpiece of the NBA betting scandal of 2007, had his probation lifted on Sunday and is now free to attend NBA games.  Donaghy has said he plans to attend the Knicks/Mavs game this Friday, but we are waiting to see how the NBA feels about that. 

With no other job prospects on the line for the disgraced former NBA ref, Donaghy is working for Dannybwins.com by providing NBA betting insight.  Donaghy feels his knowledge of the NBA’s referees’ tendacies will make him able to predict the spread and over/unders in games.  Donaghy said “I’m not saying anyone is gambling or any ref is doing something they shouldn’t in the game, but they have tendencies and call a game a certain way.”  I have an over/under for Donaghy.  Under 2 years until he is arrested for gambling related charges.


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