The Morning Dump: 11/6/12

If you haven’t done it already, you need to get out and vote.

I’m feeling good this morning after my Saints did work against the Eagles on MNF.  Bring on the Falcons.

Even though I’m a Saints fan, I can admit that I would have loved to see the Riley Cooper hide in the end zone kick return work.  It would have been the play of the year.

Next week’s Dallas/Philly game will be the battle of 2 coaches that could be fired the Monday after the game.

NBA Blitz:  Spurs and Knicks show that age doesn’t matter in November, James Harden is a legit 1st option, flop warnings get issued and K-Mart needs a job.

Can we get a 4 game college football playoff this season?  Alabama vs. Notre Dame/Oregon vs. K-State would be a hell of a start.

The NFL has admitted that the Carolina Panthers’ 1st qtr TD should not have counted due to the ref blowing the whistle.  The TD counted and the Panthers won by 8pts.  The Democratic party is looking into Romney supporting refs and the accusations that they fixed the game for the Panthers.

Mitt Romney didn’t look too comfortable talking sports to Chris Berman on MNF last night.  Can we trust a man who doesn’t drink, wears mom jeans and doesn’t watch sports to run this country?


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