Charles Tillman Takes A Stand

I was not planning on commenting on Charles Tillman comments about missing the Bears/Texans game if his wife went into labor, but after seeing some of the idiot views out there I wanted to say something.  In a society that always blasts professional athletes for making babies and not stepping up, we have a guy that openly says his family comes first and he is getting pressed on it.  It’s like we feel that we are entitled to have them play their alloted 16 games and if they don’t it’s a personal attack.  Mike Florio’s take on it on PFT is pure lunacy.  Who would question Tillman’s decision?  He has already had a child have to go through operations for a rare heart condition and no one knows what can happen.  Maybe it’s because I see it everyday with the nearly 100 medically fragile children my office cares for daily and I know all the things that a child can come into this world fighting.  Three of the greatest moments of my life were holding my newborn children and being there to hand them to my wife for the first time.  I hope Tillman gets on that field on Sunday night and his wife has the child on Monday, but if not and he is with her on Sunday, I support him 100%.


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