Messi Passes Pele With His 76th Goal this Year


The greatest soccer player of all time has now passed the longest winded soccer player of all time by scoring his 76th goal of the year.  Lionel Messi has scored twice on Sunday to help Barca beat Mallorca in the Spanish League.  His 76th goal passed Pele and he is only 9 goals away from Gerd Mueller’s calendar year record of 85.  Messi’s coach, Tito Vilanova said “It’s spectacular when you think that he scores so many goals. Some few players reach these numbers in seven or eight seasons, he does it in one. And most of his goals are great goals.” when asked about Messi’s records.  Messi is quickly becoming the most decorated player in history and it just pisses Pele off so much.  When asked about Messi’s breaking his record, Pele screamed “Neymar’s better and slammed his door.”.  Can Messi be stopped?  All he does is score goals, knock up models and make Pele cry.  Next he is planning on solving the European debt crisis and to skydive from 130,000 feet.  All he does is break records.


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