Saints Players React To Win Vs. Falcons

“WE OWN THIS DIVISION! MAKE SURE THEY KNOW THAT TODAY”- Drew Brees getting the Saints pumped up before the game.
“Everybody was ready to let Atlanta know we still own them despite how our year has gone.  It was awesome, man. They thought we were supposed to be scared of them. We’re now 11-2 since we got here in ’06 against them. They’re like our little brothers. Deep down they know they can’t mess with us even when we are having a down year.”- Scott Shanle

”That’s something we feel like we’re capable of and we envisioned being able to do that, because we know the type of team we have. We knew we dug ourselves a hole. We knew we had a mountain to climb, but we also knew we have the right type of people.”- Drew Brees

I want to thank the Falcons and Roddy White for “GIVING” the Saints the game and I look forward to you guys gifting the Saints again on Thursday, November 29th.

I am done talking about the Saints victory over the Falcons until we meet again.  WHO DAT!


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