The Morning Dump: 11/13/12

Rolled in to work with some J. Geils Band playing.  Everytime ‘Love Stinks’ comes on I have to sing it at the top of my lungs.

Kansas City played the Steelers tough, but came up short in OT.  The Steelers will be waiting for the news on Big Ben’s shoulder.  If Ben is hurt, the Steelers season is done.

Collin Klein is the hands down Heisman favorite and the more I look at him, the more I LOVE him as a NFL QB.  Check out The 10 Heismandments from the Heisman Pundit.

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee has approved a guaranteed spot in one of the 6 BCS bowls for the highest ranked member of the “Group of Five” starting in 2014.  The conferences that are included in the group are the Big East, Conference USA, MAC, Sun Belt and Mountain West or just Boise State.

According to a report from the Sports Business Journal, ESPN is about to lockup the BCS Playoff for $7.3B for 12 years starting in 2014.  It is also reported that ESPN is valued at over $50B.

Bold Prediction:  Chip Kelly will be coaching in San Diego next season and Michael Vick will be his QB.

Why is the 24 second clock 24 seconds? 

NASCAR fines Jeff Gordon $100,000 and takes away 25 pts for intentionally wrecking Clint Bowyer in Phoenix, but he will be able to race in Homestead this weekend.

Brian Urlacher not fazed by criticisms of him praising opponents during the game or right after.  I doesn’t bother me either.  It would if a Saints player was doing it though.

In the 2 easiest awards to give in the MLB this offseason, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper have won the Rookie of the Year awards in their respective leagues.  These 2 guys will be great to watch over the next decade.

104-80 high school football game had to be ridiculous to play in and watch.

The NFL admits that they messed up the call in the Panthers/Broncos game and the Trindon Holliday punt return TD should not have counted.  That’s fine, because the Panthers shouldn’t have got one against the Redskins the week before.



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