I Guess NFL Players Do Know How To Comment On The Record

How many times have we heard quotes from unnamed players on a team about the coaches, ownership or teammates?  Too many to count.  One of the most commented on players is Tim Tebow and there are comments going around that players on the Jets say he is terrible in practice and that’s why he isn’t playing, but they are all from unnamed sources.

Not OG Matt Slauson.  He makes his comments on the record.  In comments to Manish Metha of the NY Daily News, Matt Slauson said “It’s not even close.  All the other quarterbacks know it.  I have all the confidence in Mark.  We don’t really have a choice.”  He then said “We have Greg (backup QB Greg McIlroy)… and we have an athlete.”

I’m sure the Jets brass won’t be happy about a player speaking out on the record about another player, but i don’t think Slauson gives a damn.



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