The Morning Dump: 11/14/12

Though I am not a fan of big college basketball matchups this early in the schedule, I enjoyed the 2 primetime matchups last night.  Michigan State showed that some had hit the panic button a little too soon after their loss in Germany, by beating a very good Kansas team.  The Duke/Kentucky game was great and I don’t know why anyone would think that NC State will win the ACC.  I love this Duke team.  I did enjoy seeing Coach Cal getting worked up about his team’s foul trouble and playing the flop card.  I noticed 1 true flop and the rest were great examples of defensive hustle.

If my wife and I didn’t have a son, we were going to adopt a 6’5, 300 lb 18-year-old.  It’s the thing to do now.

The Knicks are 5-0 and have the best record in the NBA.  They started fast and I didn’t think they could keep it going, but they are playing tough.

Flashback:  The Marlins are all in.  Today:  The Marlins have gutted their roster and traded Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson and Emilio Bonifacio to the Blue Jays for prospects and youngsters.  The Marlins are playing in a new publicly funded park and this is the way owner Jeffery Loria treats them.  Step up and get Loria out of baseball, Bud.

“Alright, I’m pissed off!!! Plain & Simple.”- Giancarlo Stanton,  The one remaining Marlin with any talent.

Pele broke his hip trying imitate on of Messi’s goals.

Royce White is not happy about the way the Rockets are treating him and his disorder.  Check out the stream of Tweets on the matter.



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