The Morning Dump: 11/16/12

Miguel Cabrera (AL) and Buster Posey (NL) won their first MVP awards yesterday.  Mike Trout had a great season, but Cabrera’s Triple Crown deserved the prize.  Buster got the MVP, but I wanted to see Ryan Braun get it after a season that was better than his MVP season a year before.

How do you make a defense built on overpriced free agents look good?  Play Miami.  The Bills new D finally showed up and held the Dolphins to 184 yards total offense.

Chipper Jones thinks Oswald acted alone and he wants everyone to know.  Did Chipper just watch JFK for the first time?

The Knicks are 6-0 and the ’72 Lakers are worried their 33 game win streak record will fall.  In another note, 7 New York Knicks players were alive when the Lakers set that record.

It is not wise to break up with Chamique Holdsclaw.

Georges St-Pierre makes his return this week against Carlos Condit in Montreal at UFC154.  This will be GSP’s first fight in more than 19 months due to a knee injury.  Check out SI’s The Counterpunch’s predictions of the event.

#80’s reaction is a must watch.


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