The Day After: College Football Week 12

  • BChaoS
  • Kansas State’s reign at #1 lasted only one week, after they got it handed to them by a 4-5 Baylor team.  It reminded me of the late season upset of a BCS title game bound West Virginia by a 4-7 Pitt team in 2007.  Kansas State now has to beat a hot Texas team to clinch a spot in a BCS bowl.  A late season loss to a weak conference opponent may have also spelled the end of Collin Klein’s Heisman hopes.
  • The Stanford Cardinals went to Oregon and finished the national title hopes of the Ducks.  The Oregon offense that was not even slowed to a jog in the previous 10 games, was shut down by the Stanford D.  The Cardinals also take control of the PAC12 North and are set up for a PAC12 title game with UCLA.
  • It looks like all the talks of Notre Dame winning out and being left out of the title game was all for not.  The Irish are now sitting in the BCS drivers seat with only their season closing road trip to USC left.  They just better not get comfortable, because nothing would make the disappointed USC fan base happier than knocking Notre Dame out of the title game.
  • Alabama is back in control of their BCS destiny.  Even after a late season loss to Texas A&M, the Tide just need to beat Auburn and then Georgia in the SEC title game to get to the BCS championship.
  • Alabama wasn’t the only team to benefit from Oregon’s and Kansas State’s losses, Florida State is now a Notre Dame road loss to USC from getting into the title game.  In an even more unlikely but possible scenario is LSU/Alabama IV in the title game.
  • All of this is exactly what I am going to miss when the BCS goes to a playoff.  The end of season scrambling that happens each year will not be as meaningful as it has become when it really won’t matter if you lose late.
  • With Collin Klein and K-State losing yesterday, Johnny Manziel has moved to the top of the Heisman trophy race.  With 5 TDs yesterday, Manziel looks to be the first freshman to win the Heisman.  Manziel also became the 5th QB ever with more than 3,000 yds passing and 1,000 yds rushing in a season.
  • After getting hurt in Temple’s loss to Cincinnati last week, Montel Harris barely practiced all  week.  If I was Temple I would think about resting him more often.  Harris rushed for 351 yds and scored 7 TDs against Army yesterday to set Big East records in both.
  • I understand wanting Rutgers to make a move to the BIG10, but I don’t get the appeal of Maryland.
  • There is also an outside chance that Ohio State could win a share of the  National Title without even playing in a bowl game.  That would mean the AP looking past a one loss BCS champ and voting the Buckeyes a share.

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