The Morning Dump: 11/19/12

Brad Keselowski and Roger Penske get their first NASCAR Sprint Cup Title yesterday.  Jimmie Johnson was in the fight until his car let go and ended his chances.  Keselowski is an out-of-the-box driver and personality that NASCAR is still getting used to.

Dodge goes out like John Elway, but will they pull a Brett Favre and come back when they should stay away?

No wonder everyone thinks wide receiver’s are divas.  2nd receiver to leave over getting coached.

The Saints are 5-5 after a 0-4 start and they are a team no one wants to play.  Just ask Atlanta.

Byron Leftwich blew his wad on that 31 yard 1st qtr TD run and had nothing left to help the Steelers with the Ravens.

Gronk breaks his arm while blocking on an extra point with the Pats up 34 pts.  Why the hell was he in there?

Remember the name Derrick Henry.  He will be running over SEC defenses real soon.

I am looking forward to the reaction to NC State’s blowout loss to OSU on the local sports radio today.  UNC fans trolling and State fans whining.

If USC is going to pull off the upset and knock Notre Dame out of the BCS title game, they will have to do it without Matt Barkley.  He has been ruled out with a shoulder injury.

I love the new NFL OT rules.  Takes the coin toss out of it and puts more strategy in it.

Bynum hurt his knee bowling.  Crazy sports injuries.

Derek Dooley is out in Tennessee and David Cutcliffe is the front-runner for the job.

Why you shouldn’t let a long drive champion use your golf simulator.

What is the best offensive stat in baseball?  Let the debate begin.  I’m a big OPS guy.


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