The Morning Dump: 11/20/12

I have a feeling that Alex Smith’s concussion symptoms are going to last a little longer than he thought they would.  Colin Kaepernick looks to be the real deal and I hope that the 49ers bench him for the Saints game this weekend.

Shabazz Muhammad looks like he ate plenty of chinese food while his teammates were away in China.  He will be a stud, but he just needs to get his conditioning back up.

First Kevin Love and now Kyrie Irving…  Why is no one talking about the Pepsi Max curse?

Who are the highest paid coaches in college football?

Boise State and San Diego State are looking to return back to the Mountain West and leave the Big East hanging.  RIP Big East!

With Maryland going to the BIG10, will FSU and Clemson move on from the ACC also.  I think so.

Ed Reed has been sacked by the league for one game due to his 3rd hit to the helmet in the past 3 seasons.


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