The Morning Dump: 11/27/12

I have never been more sad to see the decline of a coaching career than I have to see Andy Reid’s fall in Philly.  Can Philly fire him or will he just resign?

“Bobcats finish with 69 points, shoot 23-79 from the field. In March of 1990, Owner MJ drops 69 while shooting 23-37.”- Rich Levine.  Just when I was ready to praise the Bobcats, they give me last night’s game.

San Francisco General Hospital is asking for $1.2m from the Los Angeles Dodgers for the medical treatment of Brian Stow.  It has been over a year and a half since Giant’s fan Brian Stow was beaten into a coma outside Dodger Stadium.

What happens when you can’t outscore the Jacksonville Jaguars?  You get fired.  The bad news is that Titans OC Chris Palmer has been let go.  The good news is he will not have to watch the Titans play anymore.

The Chicago Cubs have hired Rob Deer as a hitting coach.  How can a guy with a .220 career batting average get a job as a hitting coach?  Only for the Cubs.

Without P.J. Hairston UNC will have trouble pulling the upset at Indiana tonight. 

Lionel Messi scored 2 goals as Barca continued its roll in the Spanish League.  Barcelona is 12-0-1 this year and easily in front of the league.

UFC’s Dennis Hallman lost his home on Thanksgiving to a fire and the MMA community is stepping up to help.



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