The Morning Dump: 11/28/12

I have been on Duke’s #1 bandwagon all season, but after watching Indiana destroy UNC (UNC fans won’t admit it happened since P.J. Hairston didn’t play) last night I think that Indiana might be a truly dominant ball club.  I really wish the ACC/BIG10 challenge was a tournament so we wouldn’t have to wait until March to maybe see Duke and Indiana go at it.

I think Duke puts it on Ohio State late, but we will be in for a hell of a game tonight.

This is how you spend the NHL lockout, drunk and dressed as the purple Teletubby.

Arkansas has moved their gaze south and offered LSU coach Les Miles a 5 yr/ $27.5m contrct to coach the Hogs.  There is no way Les makes that move and burns the LSU fan base.

The ACC wants their $50m from Maryland’s move to the BIG10 and the rest of the ACC is waiting to see how this ends up in court.  If there is a lowered buyout, look for FSU, Clemson and Georgia Tech to look hard at a move.

Gregg Williams has been asked to speak at a hearing with Paul Tagliabue on Friday and Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith will be there to see the former coach whose testimony led to their suspensions. 

Tulsa AD Ross Parmley has been put on paid leave after his name showed up in a federal gambling investigation.  What’s the over/under he gets fired?



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